Třinec – Chomutov 3: 4 v prodl. Outsider shocked, Ruzicka beat the win

Hockey players in Třinec have also lost the second quarter quarter when Chomutov succumbed to 3: 4 in the lead. The Pirates achieved a two-goal loss at the right time, and in the 77th minute, Vladimir Ruzicka’s third goal scored in the match. Chomutov heads the 2-0 match series and will have the home advantage in the coming two games on Sunday and Monday. Třinec started the second game of hurts and the Pirates cheated in the first five minutes in the offensive zone. But Laco, but Steelmaker, kept playing chess again and solved all the confusing situations, including Redenbach’s wound.

Severočeské on the ice for ten minutes almost did not exist. But as soon as Hrubka was gone, it was a danger. Mrázek after a thirsty hesitancy at 16.He jumped into a re-numbered minute, but Hrubce’s shot was better than his opponent. Then the guests in the power play came to the first continuous pressure, but after it scored Koblasa, which after the break with Raška scored exactly the upper corner above Hrubca’s shoulder.

The home in the second part unleashed a massive offensive and after 81 minutes series Laca finally laughed at Netík, who grabbed Krajíček’s shot from the blue line. Trinity grew wings, the guests did not crack and foul. After an enormous pressure in the power play, Kane and Roth turned the score in the next five to four game with a third shot.

The guests seemed to be on their knees. But Třinec resuscitated them with unnecessary fouls in the assault zone. Jump in five to three in 33.And the Adam’s unnecessary squeeze of goalie Laca punished Humlu in a numerical advantage with a scratch-bar.

The steelmakers online bet have renewed the pressure in the beginning of the third part, but their siege did not bring anything and in the 50th minute they almost scored Tomica , Who broke out of the breach at Hrubca. Both sides missed the chance to decide the normal time in the power games.

The fourth part was logically the most cautious and Chomutovský Růžička could chose it at 71st minute; After his action the puck from the goal line was fired by Krajíček. But Ruzicka made her mood at 77.Minute: when he was eliminated, he took the speed on the right flank and faced Hrubce over face.

HC Oceláři Třinec – Piráti Chomutov 3: 4 v prodl. (0: 1, 3: 2, 0: 0 – 0: 1)
Goalkeepers: 21. Netik (Krajíček) Rothic, 30. Roth (Kreps, J. Petružalek) – 19. Koblasa (Raška, Kaše), 33. Skokan (Flemming, Kämpf), 39. Huml (Skokan), 77. V. Růžička. Referee: Hejduk, Šír – Frodl, Zavřel. Exclusion: 8: 9. Usage: 2: 3. Viewers: 4782. Status of the series: 0: 2

Hrubec – Roth, Linhart, Kraitecek, M Doudera, L. Galvas, Nosek – Kane, Kreps, Rákos – Irgl, Netík, Marek Ruzicka – J.Petružálek, Redenbach, Adamský – Martin Ruzicka, Marosz, Dravecký.

Kýhos and Mucha.

Chomutov: , Tomica – Vondrka, V. Růžička ml., Sklenář – Kaše, Kämpf, Koblasa – Raška, Šťovíček, Poletín. Coaches:

Home: 21:00. Netik, 27:25. Kane, 29:50. Roth

Guests: Koblasa, 32:19. Skokan, 38:45. Huml, 76:12. V. Růžička


Domestic: Hrubec (Hamerlik) – Linhart, Roth, M. Doudera, Krajíček, L.Galvas, Nosek, Adamek – Rákos, Kreps, Kane – Netik, Marek Ruzicka, Irgl (C) – Adamsky (A), Redenbach, Petrusalek (A) – Dravecky, Marosz, Martin Ruzicka – Guests: J. Laco (Král) – L. Chalupa, Rutta, Skinner, Flemming, Mrázek, Valach, Dlapa – Tomica (A), Huml (A), Skokan – Sklenář,

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