Swan Sáblíková to Rio Blind? I believe he will go into this, says a lawyer

He can have peace and give up everything. Or fight to the last moment and go to Rio without even a nomination. Such possibilities now open to Martina Sáblíková for her dream to race in the Olympic cycling timepiece. WWTP on today’s meeting with coach Petr Novák confirmed that he wants to fight further. “The coach will talk to Martina and tell us if they will go or not,” says Jana Štidicek, a lawyer.

What did he agree with at the meeting between coach Novák and the representatives of the WWTP?
“We have explained what are the options I am now in, and what are the future options that we have in our strategy. As the Czech Olympic Committee, we will try to do everything to ensure that Martin in Rio can take time. We explained what this is all about.Of course it’s not easy for Martin. The pressure must be huge. A few days before the race, the athlete is not sure whether he will be able to board or not. “

What will happen next?
” Mr Novák went with it Will discuss in detail with Martina Sáblíková and will tell us if they will go or not. I believe that yes, because as long as there is hope, it must be fought. We have already proven it in other sporting events in the past. I believe Martina is a warrior and that’s going to go on. “

Now we are talking about going to Rio Sáblíková without a certain nomination…
> (Smile) “Without flying to Rio in Rio can not, it is a condition, of course…First of all, it must be decided, it needs to be done very quickly.Sports Director of the Martin Doktor WWTP leaves tomorrow, the issue of accreditation has to be solved. In the coming days, we have to decide whether or not to go into it. Let’s say early next week. “

How can Sáblíková still get started?
” The communication with UCI ended by telling us that they were rejecting what we proposed So that a single, relaxed place in the timetable takes place a special, very quick arbitration. Our last chance is CAS, the International Sports Arbitration Court. He begins to meet in Rio on July 27th continuously. We will try to bring this to court.There is a decision there within twenty-four hours, so it seems to succeed. “

Four years ago, during the Olympics in London, arbitration helped fight the Olympic start for kayaker Jan Štěrb, you believe it can come This time?
“My experience with Honza Štěrba and Roman Kreuziger is such that he must fight to the end and never give up. In a bike race, you can never give up when you want to win. So I think there is a chance there is a chance and there is a chance to fight. Shortly before the Olympics, it is possible that everything will happen. “