Lakers after losing in Miami or Orlando nezvíťazili

New York. Rozohrávač year-old Golden State Warriors Jamal Crawford scored 50 points Saturday to basket Charlotte Hornets and thereby substantially helped his team to victory 110: 103 in overseas NBA basketball.

The Warriors played on the field in their first game Charlotte with renewed Trainer’s structure: the role of defensive coordinator Keith Smart took over. Team led by head coach Don Nelson, however, demonstrating a particularly good offensive speech with a cannonade eight draft picks from 2000.Crawford fell just two points behind peak of his career. “When it gets to the correct working temperature, his shooting is charming,” he stated Nelson exercise his charge, who came to California team a month ago in New York. A native of Seattle shooting percentage was 54 percent and became the first player to Warriors for eight years, which reached the level of 50 points.Recently it – then in two duels in a row – managed to Antawn Jamison in the year 2000/01.

Excellent performance could see the audience in Orlando by visiting Kobe Bryant, his 41 points but the Lakers victory was not enough: they utŕžili after Friday’s second failure in Miami, Florida defeat in the series. Bryant was again in the hands of settlement in the closing seconds, but the ball after his attempt as well as in Miami and finished inside the Lakers lost their second game of a weekend one basket. “These things on the court opponent somehow become more frequent.Ball in the final seconds at home as if they were a greater tendency to fall through the hoop, “draped on unsuccessful terminals coach Phil Jackson.

Bryant in reaching their seasonal peak had to grapple with congestion defense that had formed around him whenever threatened by him even a hint of potential danger. “The whole second half of me constantly hanging up the trinity players. Whenever I had the ball, let me breathe, “he complained 30-year-old rozohrávač. Magic dominate sovereign in their Southeast Division, the Lakers are second despite losing at least still in first place in the Western Conference.California team continues a busy Christmas program on the playgrounds of Memphis and New Orleans, then greeted his fans in front of the champion Boston.

The reputation of a player who can decide the outcome in the closing minutes, confirmed the jersey Phoenix, Steve Nash. Tridsaťštyriročný rozohrávač had before the last trojminútovkou combat Suns against the Denver Nuggets on account only two baskets from the field in eight attempts, but the condition of 99:98 nasúkal rivals eight points.Nash initially sent the home team took a 101: 98, then answered a balancing threesome Chauncey Billups like two long-range missiles and rezultātu finally embellish free throw Shaquille O’Neal. “I’ve seen him in such a role very much indeed. Nash’s Nash – just a special case. I do not know whether you planned it this way, but when I watched the first three, I knew that come the other, “Let’s hear the Arizona team coach George Karl.

The calculation of Saturday’s exceptional performance highlights 43 points Dwyana Wada triple-double and Andreho Millera.Wada performance significantly reflected in the success or failure Miami. When the shooting 26-year-old suffering rozohrávač in three games last week, when he did not beat or 20-point limit, Heat lost to Atlanta and Milwaukee and Memphis on the court. However, when the native of Chicago, crosses the line of 30 points, a Florida team that usually translate into triumph. “This is the basketball. Sometimes embarrassed, not you. Then it should be taken sports and continue doing what you usually do for a good performance.In previous duels Although I got into a crisis, but managed to stay patient and ball out of my hands began to fall again in the trash, “said Wade.

The triple three-digit entry of a duel has been eighth career Andreho Millera, but the performance of a 32-year rozohrávač folded substantially at a home loss with Indiana Philadelphia (94:95) racket again without Danny Granger, Troy Murphy and Marquise Daniels. Closest to the winning party ratings tore before the end of the 3.9 T.J.Ford, who was the top scorer 25 points Pacers.

Most Points: 27 Nelson, Lewis – 22 Bryant 41 Fisher 27, 17.461 spectators.

Most Points: Wallace 26, Bell 21 – 50 Crawford, Azubuike 21 13 086 spectators.

Most Points: Iguodala 26, Williams 17 – 25 Ford, Jack a Diener after 12 14.599 spectators.

Most Points: 34 Paul, Posey 19 – 26 Salmons, Garcia 16 16 869 spectators.

Most Points: A. Jefferson 34, Foye 24 – 23 McGrady, Artest 19, 12.115 spectators.

Most Points: Lopez 22, Carter a Harris for 21 – Wade 43, Cook 17, 14,139 spectators.

Most Points: Gordon 26, Rose 24 – Okur 23, Millsap 22, 22.046 spectators.

Most Points: R.Jefferson 22, Rodnour 18 – 20 Thornton, Novak 14 15 014 spectators.

Most Points: Parker 24, Duncan 19 – 24 J. O’Neal, Bosh 17 17.227 spectators.

Most Points: Stoudemire 27, S. O’Neal and Rickardson after 19 – 23 Smith, Nene 20, 18.422 viewers.