I always felt that I am special, says Cristiano Ronaldo

“I’ll be there with the other. In fact, I’m sure you already indelibly belong to history,” he added kanonier.Loading-years old…

The former Sporting Lisbon player and Manchester United at the start of his career did not look up to soccer icons of that period.

“Honestly, I’ve never not looking for a player that I want to be like him. I always thought more towards the future.A pattern for comparison, Fernando Couto, Rui Costa and Luís Figo, a figure of Portuguese football, “said offensive leader Real Madrid.

” I’ve always felt that I was exceptional – even then, when I started at Sporting . I felt that sooner or later I will be top level player. I never thought that it comes so soon, I was prepared, however, because, as I said, I had a talent. I still worked hard and believed in its potential. “Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest stars of world football.video //www.youtube.com/embed/oIfeHcODGE0

Najväčším pleasure on the court is for football alone Ronald. “Yes, that’s what it is – do what you love. Doing it well, enjoy it and also bring joy fans. Trying to score – the audience always want a good game and goals.And that’s my job, “he said. To his credit has a record 93 goals in the Champions League and also in this season still has a chance of picking up over his head the prestigious trophy.

Real on Wednesday greeted at the stadium Santiago Bernabéua in the semifinal second leg English Manchester City (first game 0: 0).

on Tuesday in Milan’s final came over Bayern Munich city rival Real Madrid Atlético.If his royal rival team from the Iberian Peninsula, it would be a re-run of the Lisbon predvlaňajšieho final in which Real beat Atletico 4: 1 after extra time, even before the stoppage time prehrával.Cristiano Ronaldo (right) thinks that now indelibly belongs to history. (Source: SITA / AP)

“It is an honor to be the top scorer of the history of the Champions League. I am very happy. This is a special competition, Real Madrid loves her. I was lucky that I was in it already twice triumphed. of course, I want to add more victories, the best yet this season. Fans love the Champions League and I also because it is exceptional, “concluded Cristiano Ronaldo.