Hockey in Poprad will save a subsidy of 150-thousand euros from the city

Poprad. MEPs in Poprad on Monday approved a grant of 150,000 euros for the HK Poprad extra-league hockey club for his sporting activities.

“I want to help preserve the extra-league hockey in Poprad, and I think it is the wish of all Popradcans,” Anton Danko, mayor of Anton Antonov said.

But it does not mean hockey. “If the state does not change its attitude towards sport, so Slovak sport is already on its knees and will have to lie down, it should not be our task to approve such amounts of sport, I urge the state to adopt the law on sport. We will not save, “the mayor said at the embassy.The city wants to have people in the club

The same amount of 150,000 euros promised both HK Poprad and the majority owner of Aquacity Poprad Jan Telensky, which he announced on last week’s press conference. According to the Mayor, the agreement with Jan Telenský says he will pay the club for the city subsidy not to pay for the obligations.

The condition of Poprad and Jan Telenský is to carry out an in-depth audit in HK Poprad. When the results can, according to the Mayor, say what’s next.

Popradski deputies also suggested that the city again have its representatives in the club’s organs.They could control the entire management of the club and not only part of the funds provided by the club Poprad.

This should be discussed by MEPs only after getting acquainted with the results of the audit. The approved subsidy is for 2014. The new city council will decide on the support of hockey next year.

The Mayor is convinced that if a referendum on hockey were held in the city, 90% of Popradcans would be for his rescue “and we have to respect that,” added Danko.The screening will be borrowed

At the same time, MEPs have approved the “provision of a service to access and operate the Colosseo Large Screen System by providing a service by the company Trik.”

For the use of a large screen at the Poprad winter stadium The city will pay monthly to the screen owner EUR 2760 for the screen to be turned on during matches.

For this amount, the city will have a large screensaver with a video system available for all events to be held at the winter stadium.

The city will pay for the screen from the entry into force of the contract until April 30, 2015.