Golovkin destroyed! Boxer confirmed that he belongs to the present elite

It was what to watch. Mecca Boxing New York’s Madison Square Garden became the venue of a great event on Saturday night. The ring was dominated by the relentless destroyer Genadij Golovkin from the first round, but the defeated David Lemieux was co-creator of extraordinary moments. This fight could not disappoint anyone.

There were many well-known faces in the audience. Such as actor Michael J. Fox, one of Lennox Lewis’s greatest history boxers, or even candidate for president of US President Donald Trump. It was known that Madison Square Garden was at the maximum capacity. This boxing boxing fan wanted to see this world-class and fifth-world war.Golovkin’s coach Abel Sanchez said a few days before the match: “Both are strong players, but Genadij has a higher boxing IQ, he decides.”

Shortly after the first round It was clear who would be the winner. Even the match seemed to last for a long time. Lemieux tried, but did not score, his strokes running out of hand. While Golovkin seldom missed and ran one direction after another. “” I think he knocks him in the fourth round, “Sanchez predicted the early success of his commissioner. Reality was a surprise not only for him. Lemieux stood much more. Several times, his medical officer stopped his nose bleed, but the brave Canadian refused to give up.At the end of the fifth round, he knelt voluntarily to avoid further wounds, but Golovkin had to hit him, and he immediately started to apologize for that.

Lemieux fought as a hero until the eighth round, He declared the technical KO because it was clear who had the top. This was evidenced by the final statistics. Golovkin won the number of hit strokes with a ratio of 280 to 89.

“I love my job,” the Kazakhstan champion said in a brief note after the match.He has expanded his collection of world-class titles from three to five and proved to be an undisputable ruler of medium weight and perhaps of contemporary boxing at all.

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